Saturday, January 31, 2009

Give me Ace of Bace...

This past week I managed to take my stupidity to another level. Some might say I do that on a weekly basis…I wont argue with those some. However it became quite clear to me that I really should try to think things through more often before acting OR even opening my mouth.

I received an email from a certain Christa Koekemoer, a student doing her Masters in Biogenetics at the University of Stellenbosch. She was looking for volunteer cyclists to take part in a study she is doing regarding recovery after intense endurance rides.

To cut this story short I volunteered and ended up doing THREE 100km time trials, a 40km time trial, a VO2max test and TWO windgate tests in the space of a week. All this is done inside a room on a stationary bicycle with a complimentary fan in front of you to cool you down. Come to think of it, if that fan blew from behind I might have finished in faster times. In between all that Nico and Hein dragged my deflated body out for a long ride.

During these tests you are not allowed to eat or drink anything BUT water. During each time trial I lost more than 1kg in weight. It was quite tiring and yup…. VERY boring. However, Christa did a great job at motivating me with ACE OF BACE blaring through the lab! Anika also came through to support me on day 2. I have to admit that the results of all these tests will definitely help in preparation for the Epic. I am definitely in better shape than last year and I think it is safe to say that Nico is too.

Those who have seen the photos posted by Nico lately would have noticed that he is parading around on a flash new ride. It is called the Santa Cruz Superlight… it is also called “Jaco’s Dream Bike”. As far as Mountain bikes go this bike is a true classic. News just in is that my cousin Hein will now ALSO be getting his Superlight next week. Oh… I am just so ecstatic for these two boys to be riding these superdooper bikes. I am not…I repeat…NOT jealous at all. Who am I kidding; I can’t say that with a straight face!?!?!

On a side note, this morning I went for a ride with a number of guys from Paarl. This group of riders included Andrew Patterson and Fritz van Heerden, both ex Western Province and Springbok rugby players. To me, a sports fan, I find it incredible that I get the opportunity to meet people like this who share a common love for mountain biking.

Lastly, our group is growing at a steady rate and I find it… to be quite honest astonishing! What I mean by this is that us Cranks are by no means professional cyclists. (Sure we are now big time Adidas sponsored athletes but…. Nah, I’m just joking!!! I’ve just been waiting to use that line!) We are really just two best friends who enjoy riding their bikes! So to all out there following our posts on our blog and on Facebook we thank you. We cannot do it enough… it is fantastic to get support from all over the world.

48days…17hours to go to EPIC 2009!


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Anonymous said...

Good post! It's great to meet other MTBers especially those crazy enough to do the Epic.

I'm also doing the torture sessions with Christa (100k TT on Tue). I did the V02Max a with her a couple of months ago and was looking forward to the TT 'til I read this post.