Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Christmas in March!

We have been very quiet the last few weeks but we have been out there packing in the miles. Since our last post allot has happened. We both are rolling around on new steeds. I’m the proud owner of a Santa Cruz Superlight. The bike is incredible, it just rips down singletrack. I’m now finally converted! The days of hammering away on a hardtail are gone forever. Jaco’s cruising around on a new Trek Top Fuel, although it was not exactly a planned purchased! Jaco’s bike was stolen out of his car!


February saw us doing some big miles and my body is definitely screaming for it all to stop. Luckily this week is our last big week before we begin our taper towards the start on the 21st, just 18 days away!


We have been doing allot of riding in Jaco’s home town, Paarl. I must say the Paarl mountain biking community is very well organised, go check out www.paarlmtb.co.za.


Yesterday we tackled the Boschendal MTB Challenge, a tough 55km race. It was a hot, dusty day in the saddle and my legs definitely felt the last months of training. I started of conservatively but managed to finish strong. Jaco put in a solid performance but the tough ride on Saturday and the big miles put in during the month left him a bit flat on the day.


Yesterday we went to pick up our kit that adidas had sent over from Europe. WOW! I felt like a kid at Christmas rummaging through the piles of kit and casual wear that they sent us. The riding gear is awesome, super tech fabrics, awesome bib shorts, amazingly stiff carbon soles shoes, Gore Tex ski jackets, the list just goes on and on! So if, in the next few weeks, you spot a couple of guys kitted from head to toe in adidas gear with goofy smiles, riding their bikes, it’s probably us! Thanks so much to everybody at Bemer and adidas for making it happen!


I will try and post some pics of us in our new gear!





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