Monday, October 13, 2008

What a suprise!

I had a feeling today would be a good day. It started this morning when the blaring of my alarm clock at 4:30 didn't have the usual affect on me. Instead of the usual cursing and stomping about trying to finish my now well oiled routine of getting into my cycling kit, having breakfast, feeding the dog and getting on my bike in less than 10 minutes, I felt great! I felt alive, ready to hit the road and get those cranks spinning. What a great ride! The air was crisp, a near perfect day with just a hint of a breeze. I slipped through Stellenbosch at day break feeling utterly content for some unkown reason, strangely happy to be alive, happy to be riding my bike!

This euphoric feeling lasted throughout my commute and as I reached our workshops and clicked on my computer, I still had had this strange feeling of expectation. And then suddenly it all became crystal clear as if I had climbed up and out the mist on an epic early morning accent of Groenlandberg...........Kevin Vermaak, the godfather, the visionary, the founder of the Cape Epic had joined Cranks of Glory! 

Kevin welcome! Thanks for creating this great event and inspiring hundreds like ourselves to switch to light beer, get of our butts and ride our bikes........allot! 

Back to our weekly update, we had our first proper week of training, I managing to tear myself from bed without too much hassle and logged some decent hours during the week. I think the fact that at least half of my morning rides are not in the dark anymore helps with my motivation. Everything seems to be clicking back in place again as we start breaking out of our winter hibernation.

As the weekend drew closer and the forecast for fine spring weather become a reality I was ready to put in some big hours as I am desperately trying to get myself into shape for the looming Cedeberg Escape ( in two weeks time.

Saturday went as planned with Jaco putting in 3 hours in and around Paarl and I rode to Jonkershoek to log my hours. Sunday we were invited for a BBQ in Onrus and Jaco and myself headed there by bike. We went over Sir Lowry’s pass through Elgin, then took the gravel road over Highlands and down to Arrabella and then took the tar rode to Onrus. The weather was perfect and we managed to log some descent kilometres.

Jaco reckons we need to start doing some “core” exercises. As I’m writing this I’m staring at funny pictures of a grown man rolling around on a big ball with dumb bells in his hands………..weird! Apparently with the Epic being more “technical” next year we now need tight ass abs? I just think he is trying to get rid of the beer gut he managed t0 have aquired during the winter! 

Welcome to all our new members and thanks for the support!

Keep the rubber side down.



Go check out our facebook site I have uploaded some new pics!

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