Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stepping up a gear!

So I am extremely dissapointed with the scale at my gym. Last week it said I weighed in at 77kg's. I was quite pleased! Turns out the scale was faulty and Im actually on 82kgs! BUGGER! You see its much easier on a bike when you are lighter...just ask Rob Kempson.

This coming weekend we will be working on our lovely cycling tan again! (seriously, this tan can only be described as a white wrestling suit!) We are racing the Lourensford Classic in Somerset West. I should put less emphasis on the word "racing" as I think we will be taking it easy. No doubt Nico will throw himself into the race early on leaving me behind to ride a more sensible race offcourse. That said, I predict him to beat me by atleast 25mins over this tough 64km race.

Sunday we will be doing a group ride with Helderberg Cycles. I expect this ride to be atleast 5hours. So we are looking at abouts 9hours of riding this wkend.

Id like to welcome Mr. Dan Nicholl to Cranks of Glory. Dan is the co-editor for and also their former sports editor. He is well known for his "mock" interviews and witty presenting skills. Further more Dan is also associated with the ABSA CAPE EPIC. In short...Dan is a very entertaining guy. If you dont know him go check out this "interview" with Pieter de Villiers:

One person I should also mention is Amilcar Rodrigeuz. Amilcar is true enthusiast when it comes to cycling and outdoor adventures. He is from Venuzuela and joined Cranks some time ago. Since then he has "recruited" quite a number of people for Cranks giving us a bit of a international following. Thanks Amilcar!

I will let you know if I survive this wkend!


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