Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Christoph Sauser joins the family!

“Thanks buddy for waiting for me”. With a blank stare on his face Nico mumbled back to me; “I’m just looking for a spot to throw up!” Just a couple km’s later I was feeling exactly the same. We came close to “hitting the wall” last Saturday in a muddy and wet Lourensford Classic. In cycling terms this means we nearly reached a stage where we thought that we cant give any more. Nausea and just plain tiredness had set in towards the end.

We ended up riding the 62km race in a time of 4h24mins. That’s not so good you would say, but this is one hell of a tough race and hats off to those who goes out there to race it all out. In the 1st 44km’s we climbed 1300m’s. That in short is remarkable! I can also confirm that the hills were definitely NOT “alive with the sound of music!” Battle we did, but all in all we can be happy with how it went considering where we currently are in training.

On Sunday we enjoyed some fun riding in Jonkershoek with Hein, Jan, Werner and Isak. I say fun because it is always fun riding with friends. Hopefully we can fit in more casual riding this year in our training schedule. I also had another awkward yet graceful crash/fall to the amusement of all.

For the past few weeks we have welcomed a “famous” person to Cranks every so often. This week I welcome Mr. Christoph Sauser. He joined our facebook group over this past weekend. You don’t get much more famous than this guy in the sport of mountain biking. He is an 11 time WORLD CHAMPION! His career achievements are endless and he is a TRUE LEGEND in our sport. Please go to his website if you would like to learn more about this man:

Hope you all have good week. Get out there and enjoy the weather!

PS. Happy Birthday to Danie, my brother!

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