Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bring it!

It was asked for and it was given! Word is out there that the ABSA CAPE EPIC 2009 will have kilometers and kilometers of single track. This excites most people out there training for the event. It should excite them too as the Epic in the past mostly consisted of long farm road stretching over rolling hills and mountains.

Concern was raised in the past that the event was not technical enough, that it did not test the all round mountain biker. Now in 2009 the race will undergo a complete facelift. Starting in Gordonsbay it will still be a grueling marathon but with the added spice of testing the riders technical skill.

The 2008 event claimed to be the toughest one yet. Kevin Vermaak said afterwards that we can rest assure it wont be as tough again for some time to come. I am very curious to see what distances we will cover in the 2009 event. Mentally and physically technical terrain takes allot more out of you. On a long open stretch of road you can afford to “switch off” mainly concentrating on the wheel in front of yours. However, on a rocky little mountain path you must be switched on and be very alert. For me personally, not the smoothest rider on the downhill, it could be more challenging. I discovered this again this past weekend when I fell and bent my back rotor (only our second major technical hiccup in 3years of cycling) on a rock. Nico will eat it up, he gracefully glides (like a ballerina) over the rocky sections.

With the entire race being so close to Cape Town there will be much more spectators along the way. This would be fantastic as you really do benefit from support along the way. Plus, it sucks pushing your bike when people are watching!

One thing is certain. There is something in the air. This will be a special race. You notice it when talking to people involved. Nobody really knows what to expect. Those who in the past have said that they are not doing the Epic again is now all of a sudden scrambling to get in.

Epic 2009 will see us and we very much look forward to it!


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