Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome mr. Stander!

Breaking news is that Burry Stander joined our Facebook group (pretty much the same as our blog here) and officially became a Crank yesterday! So welcome to him! Burry is a PRO mountainbiker, this basically means the following; he weighs half of Nico's weight (not that difficult), he has impressive calves (like me), his bike is faster than my Corsa Bakkie, he trains a little (allot) more than the Cranks of Glory, you can invite him for a pasta chowing evening...ehhhr...and offcourse he gets moola for riding his steed!

He certainly does not need much of an introduction. At 21 he is fast becoming a South African mountain biking legend! He has had a very impressive year so far with a win on the World Cup Circuit and a 15th place in the Beijing Olympics to name but a few. Go check out his blog at http://www.burrystander.typepad.com/ .

Apart from that we dont have much to report AGAIN this week. We had a awesome ride with friends in jonkershoek on Sunday. The new singletrack is really something to experience if you are into moutainbiking. We are looking to step up a gear or two in our training this week...wich basically means that we need to work according to our program and no slacking off.

Thanks for the support people! Will keep you updated as we go along.PS: Burry, thanks for joining...I wasnt REALLY going to stalk you and serenade you outside your front door if you didnt! : )Jaco

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