Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lets swim for it!

16/09/08 I never saw the band Wet Wet Wet live (thank goodness), but it feels like they have been playing here for the last three weeks straight! The rain just wont quit! Needless to say we battled with getting the hours in last week. Nico gave his bike in for repairs, and I tackled the gym. Apart from a good session on Saturday morning we havent got much to report. This week doesn’t look better at all.

What I have realised is that the only thing more boring than road cycling is spinning on a gymbike or indoor trainer. No offence to the roadies out there! Again I have to admire the commitment of people, like Anke (http://www.ankameganadventures.blogspot.com/), who have to train through extreme winter conditions mostly on a indoor trainer.

I have realised another thing. I will never look “cool” in bikewear. The photos we are posting this week is testament to that. A helmet it seems serves a dual purpose for me. Protection being the first and then secondly offcourse, making my head look like a potplant.

So yes people, this week’s update is pretty much useless. I might swim home tonight to get a bit of exercise in.


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