Sunday, September 7, 2008


Looking at the weather outside I am rather comfortable sitting here indoors with my glass of port. Port is kind to me as it has never given me saddlesore. Those of you who knows me well would know that I enjoy my wine(hush Robert!) and my bike. However, myself and Nico perhaps should have enjoyed our bikes more over the weekend.

Both of us managed to get a fair bit of time on the saddle this week. As I said last time this was our first official week of training. It went well concidering the weather and social aspects of our life. Being social butterflies do come with a bit of responsibility you know. BUT when you have sponsors backing you for a major sports event you soon realise that you would not like to let them down in any way. Although we did not cycle as much this weekend as we would have hoped for we can still feel happy with the effort of our first week.

I would like to state that I am certainly more unfit as what I would have liked to be. Im sure Nico would echo this statement. Last year this time we definitely had a better level of fitness. This year, although our legs are physically stronger, our lungs and heart are battling a bit. However if we keep to our programme I am very confident that we will hit our rythem within the next two to three weeks.

The general view is that you suffer more on your second Epic than your first. Although you have been through it all you still find yourself thinking..."Ive done this, I can do it again". This is absolutely true, but I believe most people do not train as hard for there second attempt as their first. I honestly hope we do not fall into that trap. We both like to do better next year. Nico even mentioned a top 100 placing in which I replied to him with a blank stare...then I walked away. But yes, I would love to do better! Why shouldnt we? We have alot more know how this year, its just a case of putting it all together and committing to a common goal.

Lastly I would like to congratulate Nico and Lisa for getting engaged. I should have mentioned this last time, I apologise. Lisa often refers to me as Nico's fiancé...naturally this flatters me(im sorry this may be a inner circle type of joke). But the time has come for me to step aside and let true love blossom. Nico normally makes fun of me and my timekeeping or shall I say lack of timekeeping. However, after 8years Im sure glad he finally made his move!

Have a good week everybody!


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