Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ahh Spring!

Spring is in the air! Well not exactly……I think in the 10 days of September we’ve had 7 days of non-stop rain, 2 days of gale force winds and one absolutely awesome Saturday! Quin was lucky enough to be down from Jo’burg that day and we headed straight to Jonkershoek from the airport.

It was my first time on the new upper-upper Canary walk and it’s awesome! Taking someone to Jonkers for the first time always make me realise how easily we take for granted the awesome trails we have right on our doorstep, poor flatland Jo’burgers! Quin and me attended the Silverback launch on Saturday night. These guys must get an A for effort and enthusiasm. The 2009 line up looks great and seems to be good value as always.

I have to set one thing straight, excuse the pun! I think Jaco’s the only “social butterfly”, yes that’s his self-proclaimed title! (flashes of pink and rainbow flags come to mind), I’m much more of a recluse so the only thing keeping me off my bike is my warm duvet and lazy ass!

Yesterday I took by bike in for some repairs, and to see if Fred could do a pedal boat conversion, considering that yet another Tsunami was hitting the Western Cape and today, as Murphy would have it, it’s a perfect day and I have no bike! I must admit I am very comfortable with the idea of sleeping in and doing nothing until Friday and then hitting the trails over the weekend!

I am waiting for my copies of 24hr Solo and Off Road to Athens and if that does not get me amped to ride then I don’t know! Expect a review of both in the near future!

Keep the rubber side down!



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