Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reality check in October

The Lourensford mtb race came and went over the weekend. Like I said last week it is a special race for Cranks of Glory, as it happens to be in Somerset West, our hometown. There were the usual faces, some seriously fast and some simply they’re to conquer this mighty beast of a race. It really is a privilege to ride in Lourensford wine estate. There is so much history within the borders of that farm.

Earlier this year rampaging fires caused havoc on the farm. The farm still carries the scares and it will do so for quite some time. Even so, with the backdrop of the Helderberg mountains, seemingly unending vineyards on rolling hills and water streams its beauty is very striking indeed. It is a very fitting finish for the ABSA Cape Epic!

Coming back to the race, what a dynamic sport don’t we have!?! One moment you may feel as strong as Mr. Armstrong himself cycling like a demon and then later, maybe not even 5minutes later, feel as if all the power has been drained from your body. It humbles you. In this sport you reap what you sow. That is the beauty of cycling…and it seems I need to sow a little more.

Nico had a fantastic race. His time 3h33min, and from what I heard on the day 16th overall. Truly a very good result! Hein, my cousin, also had a very impressive outing finishing only 7minutes behind Nico. Myself though, managed to NOT finish the race. A first for me. Maybe I needed my coffee last week after all OR make it an espresso next time? : ) At 38km’s I was struggling and fighting to stay positive. Soon after I got a flat on a downhill. I tried fixing it…but I couldn’t manage.

I then walked for little over 20minutes before Jane Seggie and Henning (from Merida) came to my rescue. He got his hands “dirty” on my Trek and sure enough, I was mobile again. “MAGIC” I thought, only to remember that I needed to take my parents to the airport at 13:00pm. By now it was 11:25am and we had about 700m’s of climbing left. To tell you the truth…I was “gatvol”. I slowly cycled to the next water point and from there I got directions on the shortest possible route to the finish. Disappointing all in all for me…but still a great day out! Thank you to Jane and Henning for helping out, I owe you!

Even though I didn’t finish the race I now have a clear idea of what to work on over the next few months. I need to do LOTS and LOTS of base. NO, not the Mitchell’s Plain Taxi type of base… I’m talking long slow miles in the saddle. So YAY for me…. Ha! It’s officially October and now we start training specifically for the Epic. This will be our third and I can’t believe it’s that time again.

For those embarking on their Epic adventure for the first time I want to say ENJOY it. The Epic itself is the tip of the iceberg…its your “holiday” and “reward” after months of gruelling training and sacrificing. See these next few months as EPIC. You will meet many interesting people on your journey to the Epic…one always do. When you lose a bit of heart along the way, remind yourself how fortunate you are to be able to do this race. Many dream of doing it but never gets the opportunity or cant be it physical reasons, financial etc. So give it your all!
Cranks of Glory will be stepping it up in training now. Bring on the mountains!


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