Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coffee drought...

It has now officially been 30hours since my last cup of coffee. I’m hurting.

You see I love my coffee. There was a time when I loved all five my cups of coffee per day. However, after reading that going without caffeine for a set period can boost your cycling performance up to 6%, I was all ears. Who knows, maybe it improves performance all round? ; ) Anyhoo, apparently its been proven that going without caffeine for seven days and then having that one cup race day morning can achieve such results. I’m going to go without for three days… so I’m hoping for a improvement of 3%! : )

This coming Saturday we are doing the Lourensford Classic MTB race in Somerset West. Its our “home race” for the year and one we always look forward to. Normally its a tough 58km’s but also a rare opportunity to experience the beauty of what Lourensford Farm has got to offer. I do hope the wind dies before then. This week it has been rather tough training and I literally got sandblasted yesterday in the mountains.

It has been quite a while since we last updated our blog with a proper entry. However, those following our “new” twitter account will know that we, particularly Nico, have been very active in updates ranging from us to cycling in general. I you haven’t visited our Twitter page you can find us at:

I hear and see that guys are in full training for the Epic 2010. We clearly are still very relaxed about it all… but the upside is that we are enjoying our riding at the moment. It can become very mundane putting in all the hours and luckily for us we know what is required.

All the best for you guys out there training, and if you see us on the trails say hi! Epic 2010 promises to be another special race…and the excitement is growing!


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