Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its about time we sent a update out…atleast a short one will do for now. Some of you might think we have dropped of the face of the planet. We have not sent an update out since the Cape Epic, and we apologise for this. Life after the Epic has been quite eventful. Nico and Lisa got married to name but one. Congratulations to them both! What a party we had and I even got to karaoke Roxette! GREAT SUCCESS! WHOOP!

How did we do in the Epic? We came 95th overall and are quite chuffed with this as a top 100 position is always something special to achieve in this race. In my opinion the race this year was more enjoyable and dare I say it…easier. Easier but certainly not easy! The race organisers did a great job in putting this route together and I think it will only make the race more popular with riders.

Just so you know, Cranks of Glory is still spinning. We have managed to put in a few hours in the saddle this year following the Epic. I am doing a 100mile ride with the Paarl MTB club this Saturday and Nico has also managed to do the “Sani2C non-stop” early in May. So fitness levels aren’t looking to bad and I look forward to riding in Knysna next month.

Id like to thank our sponsors again. Adidas, Bemer and Supersport Cycles, thank you very much for your contributions, excellent products and amazing support. To all the friends we made again, we hope to see you more than often out there and perhaps again next year at the Epic. Thank you to our support team, our families, Lisa and Anika… we love you and owe you allot.


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